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eShock Overreach Tendon Boots

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eShock Overreach Tendon Boots - these innovative tendon boots offer two in one with a high quality tendon boot and a secure overreach boot for protecting your horse from overreaching injuries! No more spinning overreach boots!

eShock overreach tendon boots with PATENTED eFluidgel system and PATENTED overreach system


Made with materials of high quality, reliability and durability. Anatomically shaped to wrap around the tendon, protecting from injuries while ensuring comfort. Outer shell reinforced with TPU; soft neoprene lining, washable Lycra edges to prevent sores; two fastening points and elastic strap ensure easy adjustment.


Exclusive patented design

eQuick have created this special tendon boots with an overreach system integrated for horses who normally require overreach boots as well as tendon boots. With the new eShock overreach you have all in one with maximum comfort and better performance.


Exclusive patented eFluidgel technology
The special bubble in the shell greatly reduces the impact the horse’s leg could suffer due to air- and gel compression, and to their capacity to absorb shock.

Free Torsion System
Special system that ensures the horse’s leg is not blocked when jumping.

Main features:

  • Patented FluidGel Technology - shock absorbing system that protects the tendon of your horse in case of an impact
  • Free torsion system - special system that ensures the horses leg is not blocked when jumping
  • eShock tendon boots made in Italy with top quality materials
  • Excellent reliability and resistance 
  • Anatomic shape to wrap the horses tendon, helping to prevent trauma and guaranteeing comfort
  • External shell in TPU
  • Easy adjustment to fit all horses
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Available in Black or Brown

  • Sizes: S (Pony) - M (Cob) - L (Full)

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