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eKur Dressage

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Size S
Color Black
Front/Hind Front

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eKur Dressage - these new and innovative boots offer dressage horses a boot that is a perfect fit, ensuring maximum protection to the most vulnerable areas, whilst leaving the fetlock free to allow for full movement.

The eKur Dressage boots are made from high tech materials developed together with Grand Prix riders. They are an extremely light, anatomic boot containing soft microfiber lining which guarantees maximum comfort to the horses leg. The outer material has micro holes allowing the boot to breath whilst the rigid part prevents impact and/or abrasion.

You may now be asking yourself what's that orange "stick"? The boots are equipped with a very special and innovative patented release system which enables the incredibly quick removal of the boots from the horses leg. Many riders use boots or bandages in the warm up ring, however some horses have a tendency to be nervous before entering the arena making it difficult to remove boots and bandages from a horse that won't stand still. With this system the boots can be quickly and safely removed by pulling the plastic rod out from the boots. Of course the boots can still be fully adjusted to fit each horses individual legs thanks to the velcro closures.

Many top riders are now choosing these incredible boots not only for their protective aspect but also for the ease of removing them in stressful situations.

Available in Black or White

Sizes: S - M - L

Front & Hind Boots

Sold in pairs