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Easy Control Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken

Easy Control Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken

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Size 12.5cm
Ring Size 70 mm
Thickness 16 mm

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Easy Control Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken -

Benefits of an EZ-Control Loose Ring Snaffle:

  • optimal adaptation through the unique bit design with felxibility on the sides
  • enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins
  • allows gentle and sensitive aids
  • enables easier and increased communication between horse and rider
  • top class and professional show jumpers inspired Stubben in the development of the EZ-Control Bit
  • the bit is vey effectie and has a strong action on demand, yet positioned soft and comfortable in the horses mouth
  • the effects of the bit come into action gently. When the horse accepts the bit it lies smoothly between the tongue and lower jaw.
  • only in moments of disobedience when the horse resists the riders aid the leverage action of the bit is activated. Once the horse accepts the riders aid the bit becomes felxible and soft on the horses tongue and bars.
  • this bit is a great option for young horses as many horses begin to correct themselves once the leverage action is initiated.

Stubben Steeltec:

  • no rough edges
  • long durability due to selected materials
  • special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer