Kerbl Constanta Rodeo Clippers
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Constanta Rodeo

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Constanta Rodeo - ergonomically shaped, the Constanta Rodeo clipper fits perfectly in any hand without making them tired! The new developed blades slide smoothly and effortlessly through the horses coat leaving an even clip. Even after long term clipping the Rodeo keeps cool and active. Lightweight, at only 690 grams, these clippers are a fantastic option.

Optimised air cooling!

Cutting system - professional blade set

Mains voltage - 230 V AC 50-60 Hz

Motor Output - 65 W

Rpm - approx. 2400 rpm

Noise emission - 78 dB (A)

Dimensions - 780 x 550 x 240 mm

Weight - approx. 690 gr.

Made in Germany

Incl. carry case, blades and oil