Come Best Regeneration rug
Therapeutic rug with infrared
Anion chain rug
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Come Best Recovery Rug

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Color Black
Size 135cm

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Come Best Recovery Rug -Eliminate fatique, improve immunity, reduce swelling and reduce pain with Lami-Cells Come Best rug! 
The Lami-Cell Come Best product range incorporates Anion-adding technology with Far-Infrared thermal healing therapy fibres. The combination of these advanced 2 in 1 functional fabrics can benefit all disciplines: from pleasure riding to the most strenuous sports, Western, Icelandic, Driving, Polo or English. 

What is an anion and how does it affect the body?
Due to intense physical activity, large amounts of lactic acid accumulate in the muscle which is the main cause of fatique and pain in the horse's body. Anion is an important factor in the elimination of lactic acid, which is verified in the use of anion chains by many professional athletes today. The anion-adding properties of the material in the COME BEST line will effectively add negative ions to the horse's blood stream and promote an appropiate ion balance in the body. This rebalance of ions will aid in purifying the blood and activate the cells, which helps to eliminate lactic acid, regulate the autonomic nervous system and thereby increase endurance.

Anion Benefits:

  • Reduces fatique
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Regulates heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation & swelling

What is far-infrared and how does it affect the body?
The far-infrared thermal healing therapy fibers used in these products help to ensure that energy radiated by the horse's body is recovered to contribute to thermal insulation and to increase blood circulation. This will gently heal, soothe, and stimulate the muscular system to recover more quickly, which may in turn improve the immune system and help eliminate the effects of fatique. 

Far-Infrared Benefits:

  • Prevents premature fatique
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Reduces warm-up time

Colours: Black-Grey

Sizes: 135cm - 155cm

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