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Arti Motion

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Arti Motion (previously known as  Arti Base) - Cavalor Arti Motion, for use in maintaining strong bones and keeping joints flexible in horses during the growth phase, horses in work and older horses, as well as preventively for sport horses.

Indication for use
CAVALOR Arti Motion contains nutrients that are known to have positive effects on joints. It is indicated for use in those cases when it is not necessary to use joint products that include ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties:
- young and growing horses
- old horses with chronic joint problems
- sport horses in periods of heavy exertion (e.g., competition season)
- after supplementation of Cavalor Arti Matrix
The nutrient composition of Cavalor Arti Matrix is more focused on the nutritional support of horses with acute, severe or chronic problems. We recommend supplemening Cavalor Arti Matrix during the first two months if such problems occur.
Composition of the product
Cavalor Arti Motion contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, collagen II and MSM, plus minerals important in joint health such as copper, zinc and manganese. It also contains vitamin C.

Dosage and safety
Mix in the daily feed
- Ponies: 30 g/ 1.06 oz
- Sporthorse: 60 g/ 2.11 oz
Packaging: pail of 2 kg. / 4.4 lb