Tried, tested & highly recommended - Zandona Magnetic Socks

Tried, tested & highly recommended - Zandona Magnetic Socks

We are constantly treating our horses to the very best in everything, so why not give ourselves a bit of loving? These socks are the perfect way to do just that and your horse will feel the benefits too! 

Zandona Magnetic Socks

New to the market this year, the magnetic equitation socks from Italian brand Zandona offer a wide range of benefits, that we at EquiZone Online have tried & tested. Below are a few of the advantages we've seen & felt when using the socks. 

Magnetic Riding Socks

"After initially putting the socks on there was straight away a tingling feeling at the bottom of my feet. I could feel that the socks were already at work! A fantastic fit, not to thick, not to thin, they fitted perfectly in my tall boots.

I'm a long time suffer of cold hands & feet, but on the days I've worn the magnetic socks I haven't once thought about my cold toes, which would indicate that I didn't have cold feet, it's a miracle! Definitely a massive plus for the colder months out riding. 

Once sitting on my horse I immediately felt calmer and had the feeling I could work my horse without any form of stress. Even when something didn't go to plan I remained calm and continued with our work. Normally in such a situation I could possibly become slightly annoyed that everything didn't go as planned, but with the socks on my head remained clear and focused on the task at hand. 

I'm normally fairly balanced in the saddle, however, I felt even more so whilst wearing the socks. My weight felt evenly distributed in the stirrups and my lower leg position secure. 

I can't say they're a magic cure that will turn us all into incredible riders, but I can certainly say that they definitely had an effect on my riding and I'll certainly be continuing to ride in them."

Like the sound of magnetic socks? Order a pair & test them out for yourself! 

 Magnetic Horse Riding Socks

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