The World of Hobby Horsing

The World of Hobby Horsing

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Galloping into Fun & Creativity

In the vast and diverse world of hobbies, there's on that's been galloping into the hearts of equestrian enthusiasts worldwide: Hobby horsing. This unique and imaginative pastime combines elements or equestrianism, creativity and physical activity, making it a fantastic and inclusive hobby for people of all ages. Read below to find out more about the fascinating world of hobby horsing, exploring its history, culture and why it's capturing the imaginations of so many. 

What is Hobby Horsing? 

Hobby Horsing is an activity that involves simulation equestrian activities with a handmade or store bought hobby horse. A hobby horse is essentially a stick with a horse's head attached to one end. Participants then use their hobby horses for various activities including show jumping, dressage and even races!

A Brief History

Hobby horsing has roots in Scandinavian countries such as Finland, where it gained popularity in the early 2010's. What started as a playful and creative activity among young children soon evolved into a full-fledged subculture. Finish teenagers and young adults started forming hobby horsing clubs, organizing events and competing at hobby horsing competitions. 

The Appeal of Hobby Horsing

  • Creative expression - hobby horsing allows participants to express their creativity by customizing their hobby horses, creating unique names and personalities for them and designing their riding attire
  • Physical activity - engaging in hobby horsing provides fun, physical activity where participants can really enjoy the benefits of exercise whilst pursing their passion. 
  • Inclusive - hobby horsing is an inclusive hobby, welcoming people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It encourages a sense of community and support. 
  • Skill development - as with real equestrianism, hobbyists develop skills of coordination, balance and timing, making it a valuable learning experience. 
  • Accessibility: Hobby horsing is accessible to a wider range of people who might not have the means to own or care for a real horse. It levels the playing field and makes equestrian activities more inclusive. 
  • Minimal Initial Investment - while there are some costs associated with purchasing and creating a hobby horse and acquiring the suitable attire, it is considerably less than the substantial investment required for ongoing a real horse. 
  • No ongoing expenses - Unlike real horse ownership, hobby horsing does not entail ongoing expenses for board, feeding or veterinary care. This means that one you have your hobby horse and equipment, you can enjoy the hobby without continual financial obligations. 
  • DIY options - many hobbyists enjoy making their own hobby horses, costumes and props, which can further reduce costs and encourage creativity. 
  • Affordable competitions - Hobby horsing competitions typically have a lower entry fee compared to real equestrian events, making it more accessible for participants of varying financial backgrounds. 

Hobby Horsing Events and Competitions

Hobby horsing has evolved beyond a casual hobby, with organized events and competitions becoming more and more common. These events often mimic traditional equestrian competitions and include show jumping, dressage and agility courses. Hobbyists showcase their skills, creativity and the bond they share with their hobby horse. 

Getting Started

Interested in hobby horsing? Here's how you can get started: 

  • Find your hobby horse - we have a great range available here
  • Join a community - look for local hobby horsing clubs or online communities to connect with fellow enthusiasts
  • Practice and learn - start practicing your hobby horsing skills and explore different styles and activities within the hobby
  • Participate in events - as you gain confidence, consider joining hobby horsing events or even organizing your own with friends and fellow hobbyists

Hobby horsing is more than just play; it's a vibrant and creative hobby that fosters community, physical activity, and self-expression. With its roots in Finland and a growing international following, it's clear that this unique pastime has a special place in the hearts of many. Whether you're young or young at heart, hobby horsing offers a chance to embrace your inner equestrian, explore your creative side, and gallop into a world of fun and imagination. So, why not give it a try? Who knows? You might just discover a new passion waiting to be explored.

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Adison Powell
Adison Powell

Hi, I am looking to sign up for hobby horsing for the summer of 2024. I already have my horse crafted, but I have zero physical experience with hobbyhorsing. I follow hobby horsing online and its changed my life. Thank you, Adison

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