Layby now available at EquiZone Online!

Layby now available at EquiZone Online!

It's a way of shopping that has been around for many years in retail and it's now available at EquiZone Online, just in time for Christmas shopping! 

What is LayBy? 

LayBy is a great way to purchase goods when you can't pay for them in one payment. The purchased items are kept with the shop until the final payment is made. The time you wish to make the repayments is flexible and can be set up when completing your checkout. When you make the final payment the goods will be sent out to you.  

It's a great way to purchase limited stock items as once the order is placed their yours, however, you have time to pay them off rather then paying one bulk payment. 

LayBy with EquiZone Online

When LayBying with EquiZone Online we offer you the opportunity to pay for your purchase over a maximum period of 3 months. A down payment is required, then the installment amount you wish to pay off over the 3 month (or shorter) period is completely up to you. This is a great way to purchase products during sale periods or in the lead up to Birthday's or Christmas as it means you can still order the products you want without the stress of having to pay for it in a bulk sum. 

The Layby is set up at the checkout. Simply chose the payment option "Put it on Lay By" then follow the instructions on the Lay By page to complete your purchase. 

Once your final payment has been made, we'll be automatically notified and your order will be sent out. Once sent you'll receive an email with a link to the tracking details. 

Start shopping now and try it today! 

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