How to find the perfect breeches for you

How to find the perfect breeches for you

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Finding the right breeches to suit your body type, style and budget can often seem like a massive challenge. After all, everyone want's a bang for their buck, to be comfortable, look good and be able to perform their best, which is why finding the right pair of breeches is so important for equestrians. For the riders of today, comfort and atheistic appeal is more dominant then ever. Gone are the days of "baggy" breeches in dull colours with leather knee patches, it's now all about the perfect fit, lasting quality, stylish colours & patterns and the type of grip required in the saddle. 

The choices are now endless, from full silicone seats, to bright colours, high waists, side zips, you name it's there. But the question still remains, what is right for you? When choosing breeches it's important to consider what you're wanting to use them for. Are you wanting a pair of breeches that need to withstand riding 8 horses a day 6 days a week or are you wanting a pair to ride one horse every few days? Are you needing breeches for hot weather or are you riding outside in the middle of winter? Do you have long or short legs? Are you someone who prefers a higher waist band or do you like breeches to sit on your hips? The questions are never ending, but for each question we have the ideal pair of breeches for you! 

Over recent times many amateur riders have turned to riding leggings. The perfect solution for many a rider, leggings or tights offer riders freedom of movement and astounding comfort when riding. Although not to everyone's taste, riding leggings have certainly stamped they're authority among equestrians across the globe. 

Below are 3 breeches we've picked as our top picks for various types of riders. 

  • Competition breeches
  • Leather full seat 
  • High waist
  • Standard length leg 
  • Suitable for larger sizes 

Chosen breeches - HKM Mrs Blink

HKM Breeches Mrs Blink


  • Lightweight for summer months
  • Super stretchy
  • Higher waist
  • Full silicone seat or silicone knee patches
  • Total freedom of movement & comfort 
  • Suitable for taller riders 
  • Available in white for competition 

Chosen breeches: Kingsland Katja Pull on Breeches

Kingsland Pull on breeches

  • Warm winter breeches
  • Silicone full seat
  • Stylish colours
  • Available in short or long lengths
  • Suitable for larger sizes

Chosen breeches: Lauria Garrelli Siena Full Silicone Seat Breeches

Winter breeches with full silicone seat

Want to discuss your breeches requirements? Get in touch with us today and we'll find the perfect pair of breeches for you and your budget. 

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Andrea Stanley
Andrea Stanley

Have you got any HKM white breeches with black seat in 30 inch?

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