Luxury Equestrian Breeches

Equestrian Breeches: Combining Style & Performance in the Saddle

Equestrian breeches are an essential part of any horse rider's wardrobe, combining style and functionality to enhance performance and comfort in the saddle. As equestrians we understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of breeches to suit your individual preferences and riding disciplines. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of equestrian breeches, exploring the various types of breeches available as well as some of the best selling brands. 

Full Grip Breeches

Taking grip to the next level, full grip breeches boast a seat area covered with grip material, typically in silicone or Alos (traditional leather like seat). Full grip breeches ensure exceptional adherence to the saddle, offering a steady seat during intense movements. Particularly popular with dressage riders, full grip breeches are the best choice for riders wanting more "stick" in the saddle. 

Knee Grip Breeches

Knee grip breeches offer a perfect blend of functionality and style, featuring grip patches on the inside of the knee in either silicone or Alos (traditional leather like material). These patches provide the rider with added stability and grip in the saddle, ensuring a secure position, especially when going over jumps. For this reason they are often favored by show jumpers & eventers, but are one of the most worn breeches on the market as they are suitable for various disciplines and provide exceptional comfort and freedom of movement when riding. 

High Waist Breeches

High waist breeches provide additional support and coverage by featuring a waistband that sits higher on the riders torso. This design ensures a secure fit, preventing the breeches from slipping down during riding and competition. High waist breeches are great for rider seeking both comfort and a polished appearance, making them the ideal choice for dressage riders. 

Best Selling Breeches Brands

Cavalleria Toscana

Cavalleria Toscana's innovative designs and premium quality have made them the preferred breeches choice for many international riders. Made in Italy, Cavalleria Toscana offer a range of breeches including regular knee grip, high waist knee grip, which is now a massive hit among show jumping riders as well as high waist and extra high waist full grip breeches. With cutting edge fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship, Cavalleria Toscana continues to be a sought after brand for both professionals and amateurs a like. 


Kingsland's reputation for innovative designs and attention to detail shines through their high waist, full seat breeches as well as the regular waist knee grip breeches. The previous best selling Alos full seat breeches, have been over taken by the silicone seat trend. Merging style and functionality, Kingsland's breeches are favored by riders seeking elegance and optimum performance. 

Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot, a brand dedicated to technical excellence, offers high quality equestrian breeches for riders seeking modern designs and superior performance. Their most popular knee grip breeches, are a firm favorite among show jumping riders across the world. 


A fairly new brand compared to some of the older brands, Ego7 have established themselves as a leader in the breeches world. Their fusion of modern technology and traditional equestrian aesthetics is evident in their extensive range of classic looking breeches. Targeted at both show jumping and dressage riders, Ego7's range is focused on comfort, style and flattering looks. Once you wear a pair of Ego7 breeches you'll fall in love!


One of the older brands on the market, HKM's tradition revolves around high quality, comfortable breeches for riders of all disciplines. Evolving with the market, HKM still also continue to offer breeches in a Full Seat and Knee Grip with Alos fabric which are still much sought after by riders. With fun designs, bright colors and every possible model available for you to choose from, you're certain to find a pair of breeches you'll love. With an emphasis on functionality and style, HKM caters to equestrians seeking reliable and fashionable riding breeches. 

Equestrian breeches embody the essence of style and performance in the saddle, elevating the riding experience for horse enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you opt for knee grip breeches for versatility, full grip breeches for ultimate stability, high waist breeches for added support, or Alos seat breeches for classic elegance, our best selling brands ensure an exquisite selection for every equestrians taste. Embrace the luxury of equestrian breeches and ride in style with confidence and comfort every time. 

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