Introducing Cavalliera - a feminine range

Introducing Cavalliera - a feminine range

We are excited to introduce to you one of our latest brands in store, CAVALLIERA!

Cavalliera is a Hungarian brand that was founded in Budapest in 2007. If we were to describe these products in one word the only word that pops into our heads is beautiful! The collections are undeniably some of the most beautiful in the equestrian world. The products are original, elegant, creative and above all feminine. They inspire equestrian women world wide and are synonymous with a lively lifestyle - exciting, modern and irresistible femininity.

The brand philosophy is elegant style and sophisticated design and this has certainly been achieved with their gorgeous range. Cavalliera's ambition is to be the best equestrian fashion brand with an outstanding quality to price ratio. The truly capture market trends and newness in colours, quality fabrics and shapes and express them in the elegant, unique and feminine Cavalliera style. Special care and attention to detail is taken for every garment that is produced paying maximum attention to fabric selection, fitting and perfect quality. Innovation and continuous improvement have shown why Cavalliera is really becoming a success story in the equestrian clothing market.


Recently Cavalliera have also expanded their range to include a number of items for horses. The elegant designs continue into high quality saddle blankets and ear bonnets that will have your horse looking fabulous.

If you are looking for something that is unique, elegant and feminine this really is a brand for you. Once you try on the Cavalliera products you won't want to wear anything else!



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