GPA Helmets - an exciting new range

GPA Helmets - an exciting new range

GPA Helmets - an exciting new range:

We're really excited to now stock the full range of GPA helmets. We consider GPA to be the Volvo in helmets, they're always one step ahead of the rest in the latest safety technology.

GPA draws it's knowledge and know how from the car racing world. They were the first European manufacturer to put approved riding helmets on the market. GPA relies heavily on a network of professional riders, each of whom test the new products and advises the GPA technical team on how to optimise them. Before any model appears on the market, the prototypes are tested in real riding situations by the best world class riders.

You may see that all the helmets now have a 2X after their original name. This is because they now feature the new 2X harness which is anatomically shaped for an improved fit when riding. GPA are always looking for ways to improve safety and comfort.

Their latest development is the new Red Line Collection. This innovative collection allows for a new level of shock absorption and double the safety. Helmets are traditionally made with two layers - a rigid shell and an EPS foam layer. This new generations of GPA helmets offers a patented principal of safety with four layers. The 4S, whose sandwhich superposition allows for remarkable damping and better resistance to lateral compression.


The 4 layers in a nutshell:

1. Outershell - intended to absorb shocks and slow down the energy of impact. Made from ABS and Polycarbonate, an absorbent Polymer adapted to be deformed on impact.

2. Foam Layer, High Shock Absorption - this second layer dissipates the energy during shock. The foam is an elastomer used in the fields of Aerospace and Formula 1. In the unfortunate event of a fall it will absorb the impact energy to reduce it.

3. Inside Shell - this third shell doubles the protection capacity. Made in Polyamide and reinforced in fibreglass. It provides rigidity and protection. It has an excellent mechanical resistance at a range of temperatures. The shock has already been dampened when passing through this layer.

4. Expanded Polystyrene or EPS - the fourth and final layer that finishes decelerating the shock by crashing under the impact pressure and thus protecting the skull and minimising the risk of cranial lesions. It is recognised and well known for properties of shock and compression resistance.

The great thing about this helmet, besides it's incredible safety features are its looks. It has a modern sleek design, and all the usual fantastic GPA ventilation features. You can also choose from a range of colours for the inner shell.

Speed Air 4S

Speed Air 4S

Customise your helmet to suit your style - your helmet, your way!

Most of the GPA helmet range can be customised to suit your individual style. If you're a fan of bling you can add some real Swarovski elements to your helmet for a gorgeous look.

 First Lady 2X Crystal

First Lady Crystal


With the First Lady Collection you can also choose to individually customise the colour of the peak. Choose from Pink, Blue, Orange or Green Leather for a stylish, chic new look.

Add some extra colour by choosing leather detailing. This option is available on nearly all of the GPA helmets. Just get in touch with us for a quote.

First Lady 2X with coloured leather detailing


Want to show everyone which country you represent? We can arrange for your helmet to be customised with your flag on the front vents. Need to have your sponsors logo? No problem, we can arrange that also.

Riders choosing GPA

As GPA helmets perfectly meet the safety standards and often go above and beyond, they are chosen by many of the worlds most demanding authorities such as the French, Irish and Italien Armies, the English, French, Norwegen and Italian Police Forces and so force.

Many of the world's best riders also chose to use GPA helmets such as Ben Meyer, Penelope Leprevost, Christian Ahlmann, Lauren Hough, Ian Millar, Patrice Delaveau, Denis Lynch to name a few. Join them, your helmet is the most important piece of equestrian equipment you need. Don't compromise your safety on poor alternatives.

 GPA Helmets

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