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A competition shirt must be comfortable, conform to the strict competition rules and very importantly look good. When you wear something that makes you feel good, you perform better! 

Equestrian Show Shirts 

Competition shirts for English disciplines, such as dressage and show jumping, must have a white collar to be competition legal. This is so the shirt can be seen clearly under the competition jacket. At EquiZone we have a massive range of ladies show shirts to choose from including classic white as well as brighter colours. Choose from sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve shirts. Be sure to check with your local federation which shirt styles can be worn without jackets during summer, as some associations do not allow sleeveless shirts to be worn without a jacket on. Most shirts are now technical with quick drying and moisture wicking functions as well as offering additional breathability to ensure you remain comfortable when out competing. 

Bling is a thing

If you love to add a touch of bling to your riding outfits, you'll certainly be able to add it via a show shirt from our huge range. Everything from sparkling sequins to lace detailing, mesh inserts to gold colored shirts. We have the perfect show shirt for you!