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The leather bits are a remarkable appearance in the TRUST collection. The leather is stitched manually around the reinforced nylon core and is tanned without chemicals. Also, the round construction is unique. Saliva makes the leather mouthpiece soften, after which it forms to the horse’s mouth. Experience shows that many horses like this very much. The flexible effect in combination with the taste of the leather makes the bit extremely suitable for horses with sensitive mouths. In addition, we have noticed that mares especially like the taste of the leather and therefore accept the bit well. Note: Make sure that the stitching always faces the outside of the mouth, when the bit is used. Unlike metal mouthpieces, leather mouthpieces are softer. This is what most horses like about these mouthpieces. When the mouthpiece is properly placed on the layers, damage to the mouthpiece is quite unlikely, but not impossible due to sharp edges on the teeth for example. Maintenance: The leather bit is easy to keep supple. You keep it supple by lubricating it regularly with olive oil.