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Ear Bonnets 

With equestrians becoming more and more fashion conscious, the number of ear nets, fly bonnets and fly hats has grown and more and more technical materials are being used in production. For almost every outfit, you will find the matching fly hat. Because they protect the horses from distracting insects, they are a great help for the horse to relax and focus on their task a lot better. For this reason, you will find them in different styles in dressage, hunting, show jumping and many other disciplines. 

The materials range from traditional crocheted like LeMeiux to more modern technical  fabric  like Cavalleria Toscana. Priority should be the comfort for the horse. Many brands have started using fully breathable, moisture wicking materials with soft, elastic fabric around the ears to not restrict movement. 

For young or very sensitive horses, soundless ear bonnets are a great choice. The veil at the bottom is a bit heavier in some to avoid it moving and the ears are padded to reduce noise levels. Of course, the horse can still hear what is going around it, but the noise levels are less intense and easier to cope with. 

If you are uncertain about the right choice for you and your horse, one of our members of staff will be glad to give you some advice.