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What are Brushing Boots?

Brushing boots or splint boots are a popular choice for all round horse leg protection. They are versatile horse boots that are often used for flat work, dressage, lunging, hacking or turnout. Designed to protect the lower part of the horses leg, brushing boots, as the name suggests, are designed to help prevent brushing injuries which occur when the horses opposite leg or hoof strikes or brushes against the other. These types of injuries often occur during difficult movements in dressage training, lunging or hacking. 

What brushing boots are right for my horse?

Which brushing boots you choose depends on your discipline and how badly your horse tends to knock their legs. If you're riding dressage and need to do a lot of movements where the horse has a higher chance of brushing their legs against each other, such as in half pass, it would be best for you to choose a brushing boot with a hard strike zone, such as the Zandona King Carbon Air Boots. If you're hacking out or lunging often, a boot like the HKM Protection Boots Breath would be the perfect choice as they offer breathability as well as protection. If you have a sensitive horse you might like to choose a boot with sheepskin or faux fur, such as the Dressage Protection Boots Comfort

Advantages of Brushing Boots

Brushing boots are much quicker and easier to put on your horse then bandages or leg wraps. Generally made from soft, neoprene material, they are machine washable for easy cleaning. Available in a huge range of colours, you can choose the perfect pair of protection boots for your horse that matches their outfit.