Stable Boots & Bandages

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Stable boots & stable bandages are used to protect your horses legs when stabled at night. Horses that tend to suffer from swelling or "fill" in their legs when standing can benefit from wearing stable boots or bandages as they provide a certain amount of compression to the legs. Stable bandages and boots are also a great option if your horse is injury prone or requires protection after an injury. 

What types of boots or bandages should my horse be wearing?

If you're comfortable bandaging, bandaging can be a great option for stabled horses. It is very important to use a stable bandage pad and bandages that are long enough to ensure even pressure distribution on the leg. Ensure that the bandages are not too tight and do not leave them on for more than 8-10 hours at a time. If you're not comfortable bandaging, there are many boot options available which also have added benefits such as magnets or ceramic fibers. These boots not only offer protection from injuries that a normal stable boot offers, but also aid in the recovery process and help prevent injuries. It is important to note, that when using magnetic or ceramic fiber boots you should always introduce them gradually and never just put them on directly for an entire night.