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What are eventing boots? 

Eventing boots or cross country boots (XC for short) are special boots designed to protect the horses front and hind legs from impacts - obstacles on course or another leg. Cross country boots offer a much higher level of protection than Brushing Boots as they often have a rigid strike zone for preventing high impact injuries. The best eventing boots are lightweight, highly breathable and offer excellent protection. 

The fit of a cross country boot is extremely important as you do not want them to slip or twist when on course as it could become dangerous for the horse and therefore the rider. It is therefore essential that the boots have secure fastenings, something like double Velcro, but something that can quickly and easily be removed following the cross country phase to enable to legs to cool down. Another factor to take into consideration is that the boots should not hold water. As most eventing courses have a water jump, it is important that the boots do not hold water which will make the boots heavy on the horses legs. 

Top Italian brand Zandona's X-Country Boots contain Carbon fiber elements under the outer shell that allow thermal insulation of the joints, therefore preventing overheating.