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Based out of Bordeaux, France, Oscar & Gabrielle is known for its airbag compatible show jackets. Oscar & Gabrielle has been acquired by Freejump System in recent years to strengthen their airbag development. 

In recent years, airbag vest has become an essential element of safety and a commonly used equipment for equestrians. Oscar & Gabrielle has developed a competition jacket that discreetly integrates the Airbag into the jacket’s lining, making safe riding more elegant and stylish. 

Freejump and Oscar & Gabrielle, two companies based out of Bordeaux, share their common values ​​of comfort, safety and performance, their know-how and experiences.

Freejump and Oscar & Gabrielle benefit from each other’s strong taste for innovation to make further progress on the development of an Airbag that is more discreet and meets the most demanding safety standards. Together, they rely on the natural elegance of Oscar & Gabrielle products to become the major player that the market needs to address the safety issues posed by horse riding.

“Be Safe – Be Style” is Oscar & Gabrielle’s motto.