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Kingsland Equestrian - a must have brand 

If you're a horse rider, then the chances are fairly high that you know of the famous Kingsland brand. Practical attire which blends classic equestrian style with contemporary design to give horse riders the sophisticated looks. Founded in Norway in 1999, Kingsland Equestrian is known for their high quality riding clothing with the highlight being the Classic Down Winter Jacket. Over the last few years Kingsland has developed an incredible range of riding tights which are now used by many amateur riders across the world. The Classic collection on the other hand is more popular among professional riders and stables. They are the most comfortable and functional equestrian apparel on the market. Now the Classic Collection products also come in more colors!

Environmental impact 

As a company dedicated to outdoor pursuits, Kingsland also prides itself on being mindful of environmental impact, with sustainability a priority when developing products. As a commitment to this statement, Kingsland has developed the Earth Collection which is made from Recycled plastic bottles.