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Finding the right girth for your horse depends on the discipline you ride and the type of saddle you have. 

Different types of girths: 

  • Short girths or dressage girths are generally used for flatwork and dressage on saddles with long points
  • Long girths are used on saddles with short points and are normally used for flatwork as well as jumping on sand arenas. 
  • Stud girths or jumping girths can be either short or long, depending on your saddle, and are used in jumping and eventing to protect the horses belly from stud injuries. 
  • Sheepskin girths can be any type of girth that features a sheepskin or faux fur lining. These are ideal for sensitive skinned horses that rub easily. 

Which girth should I use on my horse? 

Everyone wants whats best for their horse, so when choosing a girth it's very important to take in to account the comfort level. An anatomic cut allows the horse to move their shoulder more freely, whilst wider girths offer improved pressure distribution, both helping the horse to perform better. Extra padding also increases comfort. 

If you have a horse who is sensitive around the girth area, an anatomic, padded girth would be highly recommended. If you have a sensitive skinned horse, a sheepskin or faux fur girth would be best to help avoid unnecessary rubbing. Be sure to keep sheepskin and faux fur girths very clean. 

For horses that are not sensitive, a simple neoprene girth can often be the best girth as they are comfortable and easy to clean, making them perfect for everyday use.