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Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots
Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots
Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots

Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots

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Zandona Carbon Air Balance Junior Fetlock Boots - these 100% made in Italy fetlock boots offer the same benefits and protection as the original Carbon Air Balance Fetlock Boots however, they are the Junior version that offer compliance with the international regulations for young horse competitions. The boots are equipped with both a magnetic device and carbon fibre elements which offer many different benefits for your horse.

They are composed by external TPU structure with differentiated thickness, transpiring thanks to the perforated Neoprene and ventilated by 3 Air-Vents. Carbon Fibre elements are present under the shell to thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction, while increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts. The dimension and absolute ergonomic shape have been developed by accurately copying the limb structure, guaranteeing a perfect positioning while avoiding any kind of stress.

The boots are also equipped with a magnetic device that improves cellular function, increasing the horses performance and dynamic balance. The permanent magnet used is composed of a highly magnetic alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exerting a magnetic flux density of 2600 Gauss. It was found in various tests, with the help of veterinarians and professional riders, that the use of this device placed near the muscle-tendon apparatus greatly decrease the limbs fatigue as induce an increase in vascular blood-flow and lymphatic-circulation, with multiple beneficial effects. The benefits induced by increased vascular blood-flow and by the magnetic polarization, ascertainable on horses as humans, are anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, bones and joint articulations strengthening, as well as acceleration of the process of toxins expulsion and of absorption of muscles lactic-acid. Those benefits lead the improvement of movements and jumping performance of the horse.

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