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Acavallo - innovation for horse & rider

Acavallo are an Italian brand that have developed an exceptional range of saddle pads for horses. Founded in 2003, they are most famous for the therapeutic gel pad, which is the same used in health care to promote the health of patients. Since the development of the gel pad product assortment, Acavallo have produced the incredibly popular seat saver, for rider comfort in the saddle, horse boots as well as leather products and most recently the range of Alupro safety stirrups. 

Used by many top riders across the world from varying equestrian disciplines, you can be assured that when using an Acavallo product for your horse or yourself that it is quality. 

Acavallo's Mission

Create products for the welfare and protection of the horse that can help to improve the athletic performance of both horse & rider. 

Become a point of reference for the rider - professional or amateur. 

Ensuring high quality products thanks to a long-standing know how in the equestrian industry.