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Airbag Vest, a New Era for Equestrian Sport

Posted by Ziyin Li on

This article discusses the necessity and benefits of airbag vests for equestrian sport. It also lists and compares the available products on the market.
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Horses & Hot Weather

Posted by Team EquiZone on

With a heat wave crossing over much of Europe and the US at the moment, it's important to know what to do with your horse during the hot weather. Here are our top 10 tips for surviving the summer heat!
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Cavalleria Toscana Sale & Discounts - Shop Online

Posted by Lukasz Poswiatowski on

Discover the Cavalleria Toscana collection online and save big! A brand used by many professional riders including dressage world number two Catherine Dufour, leading show jumping rider Marcus Ehning as well as up and coming younger riders Zoe Conter & Jos Verlooy. Known for their high performance and exceptional style, it is a must have brand for both the professional and amateur rider. 
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Choosing the right leg protection for your horse

Posted by Emily Hyams on

Protecting your horses legs when exercising is an important factor to take into consideration to help prevent unnecessary injuries. Although not all injuries or accidents can be prevented, there are certainly many different types of leg protection that we can use to help avoid vet bills. High quality leg protection is therefore essential for both recreational and professional riders. 
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Earth Day 2022

Posted by Team EZO on

EARTH DAY 2022 - today we will plant a tree for every order made! 

Why is Earth Day important?
Earth Day is here again and with it comes our annual reminder to take extra good care of this beautiful planet we call home. We believe that the environment should be celebrated and protected daily. Just like your horse! Care for your horse and care for nature are so intertwined, that they cannot be separated from one another.

What are we already doing?
Here at EquiZone, we try to be conscious of our impact on the environment and therefore are constantly working on improving how environmentally friendly and sustainable we operate. Some of the steps we have taken include working with more and more brands that are also striving to become more environmentally conscious. Some of the brands and their environmentally conscious product lines we offer you are Equestrian Stockholm, PS of SwedenKingsland Earth, Equi-Theme and Lami-Cell. Furthermore, we have made considerable changes in our packaging practices and have already made the switch to more green alternatives, such as paper tape! In addition to this, we value outstanding customer service to help you find the right product and size with the first try to prevent returns and unnecessary waste and carbon emissions that come with those.

How do we see our future?
We are striving to enhance our array of collections that include recycled items and environmentally conscious product lines, make our shipping practices even more environmentally friendly and of course improve our service to minimize returns even further! If you have more ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our service and company to minimize our effect on the environment please feel free to contact us!

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