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The Sweet Iron bits are made of iron and have the well-known blue colour, obtained by heating during production. When in contact with (humid) air, Sweet Iron develops a rusty surface that tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the horse’s saliva production. This causes the horse to foam more, which in turn improves the acceptance of the bit. This rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue colour of the TRUST bits into silver or brown-grey, a desired effect of the Sweet Iron bits. When temporarily not using a Sweet Iron bit, an orange-brown layer of rust may appear on the mouthpiece. This can easily be removed by wiping the bit with a damp cloth. The orange-brown rusty layer is not harmful. Sweet Iron bits are suitable for all horses and help the horse to foam more, resulting in a better acceptance of the bit. The Sweet Iron collection offers the widest variety of mouthpieces, each with its specific purpose.

Single Jointed

A single-jointed mouthpiece has one joint, which puts less pressure on the tongue than a double or multi-jointed mouthpiece. This mouthpiece acts mainly on the layers and sides of the tongue. A single-jointed mouthpiece is considered a standard mouthpiece.


The Elliptical mouthpiece is the first example of a double-jointed mouthpiece with an ellipticalshaped link. Due to this shape, the mouthpiece presses a bit more on the middle of the tongue. This mouthpiece has two joints, is shaped more to the form of the mouth and lies in the mouth a bit looser. This bit puts more pressure on the tongue than a single-jointed mouthpiece.


The Locked mouthpiece is single-jointed, but locks when it is hinged. So when there is counter-pressure, it works like an unjointed mouthpiece. This makes the effect stronger. The bit changes back into a single-joint mouthpiece when there is less counter-pressure on the reins. This makes it an ideal corrective mouthpiece for horses that, for example, push against the hand and/or walk through the hand.

Cherry Roller

The Cherry Roller mouthpiece consists of a single-jointed mouthpiece with loose rollers on both sides. These rollers discourage the horse from grasping the bit or from taking hold of it.

Brass Rings

The Brass Rings mouthpiece is a mouthpiece with brass rings in the middle and is suitable for horses with a ‘dead’ mouth that need some stimulation. This mouthpiece can be used to increase tongue activity. Please note that it can cause a restless mouth on other horses.

Wideport Segundo

The Wideport Segundo is a double-jointed mouthpiece with a tongue arch. Unlike other double-jointed mouthpieces, the Wideport Segundo reduces the pressure on the tongue. The Wideport Segundo is usually used for horses that do not like the pressure on the tongue.

Dr. Bristol

The Dr. Bristol mouthpiece is a double-jointed mouthpiece with a flat middle section. Due to the shape of the mouthpiece, the pressure is evenly distributed between the middle and the side of the tongue upon tilting.


French Link


Low Port

Medium Port

Slow Twist

Slow Twist Locked