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Zandona Thermoboot - these brilliant therapy boots for horses are specifically designed to apply cold and heat therapy directly to your horses tendons and joints. They are the perfect choice for injury prevention or for the recovery stage after an injury. Regular use of the Thermoboots for short periods of time (20-30 mins) after intense exercise can help preventing small injuries and/or traumas to ligaments, tendons and joints as well as reducing localized swelling, heat and pain. 



Cold therapy can be used as an everyday treatment for your horse.

During intense exercise, micro trauma to capillaries, tendons and ligaments can occur. The subsequent hyperaemia can persist with a pro-inflammatory effect.

Cold therapy causes vasoconstriction, reduces proteolytic enzymatic activity, decreases influx of inflammatory mediators and toxins and provides pain relief to restore the post workout circulatory conditions. The sooner temperature of tendons can be reduced after exercise, the better.

THERMOBOOT can also help treating horses’ haematomas, sprains, injuries, strains, ligaments and tendon damages.

In case of severe injuries where hyperextension of the fetlock has occurred, ice therapy is required and you can use THERMOBOOT in 20-30min sessions 4 or more times a day.

The initial stages of injuries are critical so the sooner they can be applied, the better.

In such severe cases, the continued use of cold therapy together with a controlled exercise programme is essential to recovery and speeds up the rehabilitation process.





Heat therapy is ideal for supporting blood flow to a specific body area, eliminating residual inflammation, fostering nutrient flow and, therefore, healing.

Heat can also be useful before exercise and for horses suffering from arthritis. Application of heat can increase soft tissue elasticity, flexibility, and suppleness of muscles during exercise. Heat also acts as a temporary analgesic, reducing pain.

Heat should be gradually introduced to your horse’s recovery regime, after injury. Too much heat too soon can cause haemorrhage.

In case of swelling issues, please only apply heat 24 hours after no increase in swelling has been observed.

Alternation between heat and cold therapies, gradually increasing the time heat is used and decreasing cold therapy usage per session, will allow the transition to heat therapy-only usage.



It is important to take a progressive approach to introduce your horse to cold/heat therapy for the full benefit of the treatment.

Tendon injuries can benefit from cold in the initial stages (24-48 hours after the initial injury) to reduce inflammation. After 48 hours, heat therapies can be used to increase blood flow to the area and help the healing process.

If a tendon injury is suspect, always speak to your vet before using cold/heat therapy to any tendon injury.




The purpose of using cold therapy is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage. Cold treatment greatly reduces the amount of tissue lost to secondary injury.

  1. Store the Gel-Packs in the freezer so that it is always ready for cold application. Refrigerate the Gel-Packs for at least 2-3 hours before use.
  2. Insert the Gel-Packs in the specific pockets of THERMOBOOT. Do not use directly on skin.
  3. Leave on the horse legs up to 30 minutes per session. Press securely to ensure correct application. Make sure the straps are firmly closed but not over tight.
  4. Remove for 20 minutes and repeat cold application every 1-1.5 hours as needed. Please consult your vet for extended use.



The purpose of using heat therapy is to cause blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow to the area where it is applied. This results in greater oxygen and nutrient transportation to that area, therefore promoting healing. Such treatment can also help with relaxing muscles and increasing elasticity of connective tissue in the specific area for a better performance.


- Hot Water Method

  1. Boil approximately 4-5 liters of water.
  2. Remove the water from the heat source.
  3. Immerse the Gel-Packs in hot water for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the Gel-Packs from the water and insert them in the specific pockets of THERMOBOOT. Do not use directly on skin.
  5. Apply to the injured area for 20-minutes intervals. Press securely to ensure correct application. Make sure straps are firmly closed but not over tight.
  6. Do not leave your horse unattended when using THERMOBOOT.
  7. Repeat the therapy up to three/four times a day. Consult your vet for extended use.


- Microwave Method

Microwave ovens vary in power so you need to find the correct heating time for your microwave oven carefully. In any case, we recommend not to exceed 650W.

  1. Before placing the Gel-Packs into the microwave oven, flatten them and ensure the gel is evenly distributed.
  2. If the Gel-Packs are at room temperature, heat on “High Power” for 10 seconds and leave to rest for 1 minute. If additional heat is required, try a further 10 seconds at a time, with equal rest time, until desired temperature is achieved.
  3. If the Gel-Packs have been stored in the freezer, heat on “High Power” initially for 15 seconds then leave to rest for 90 seconds. Further heating should be in 10 seconds increments, with equal rest time, until desired temperature is achieved.
  4. For future reference and more convenient heating, record the total time needed.
  5. Insert the Gel-Packs in the specific pockets of THERMOBOOT. Do not use directly on skin.
  6. Apply to the injured area for 20-minute intervals. Press securely to ensure correct application. Make sure straps are firmly closed but not over tight.
  7. Repeat therapy up to three/four times a day. Consult your vet for extended use.



Intense heat or cold can cause damage, discomfort and possibly result in you getting hurt in the process, if your horse has a negative reaction.

In addition, application of hot and cold sources for prolonged periods can potentially cause damage to the skin and underlying structures. Introduction to the therapy should be gradual to ensure as little distress as possible.

Cold therapy should be applied for no longer than 20 minutes intervals. Movement of the cold source is essential: it is recommended to move the cold Gel-Packs regularly to ensure underlying tissues are not damaged. You should not leave your horse unattended at any point throughout the application.

With heat therapy, we suggest to apply heat for no longer than 20-minutes per interval too. Before use, make sure to check the temperature of the heat source on your own skin in order to verify it is not too intense. Please do not forget to keep your horse warm after thermotherapies, using rugs to avoid it cools down too quickly. Throughout application, you should never leave your horse unattended.

It is recommended to always consult your vet before applying temperature therapies, especially in case of wound healing.



  1. Remove the Gel-Packs from the THERMOBOOT;
  2. Make sure to close all the Velcro straps;
  3. Put the THERMOBOOT in appropriate washing bags for protection during washing;
  4. Gently wash them in the washing machine at 30°C;
  5. Dry in a cool place.



  1. Remove the Gel-Packs from the THERMOBOOT;
  2. Do not put the Gel-Packs in the washing machine.
  3. Clean them only by hand with mild soap and warm water.
  4. Dry with a towel and store them in a cool place.



Please make sure to keep the THERMOBOOT clean by avoiding accumulation of dust, mud and dirt.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Do not use if Gel-Packs are damaged (e.g. if the gel is pouring out of the pack). In case of damage, replace the Gel-Packs with new ones.

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