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Titanium Plate 6.5cm Jumping Stirrups

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Colour Mat Black

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Titanium Plate 6.5cm Jumping Stirrups - these stirrups not only look stunning but will leave you with a feeling like no other in the saddle. The amount of benefits these stirrups have to offer are endless - from keeping your leg in a much more secure position, keeping your heels down, to the use of pure titanium for your horses welfare. These are truly one of our favourite stirrups.

Main features:

Triangular shape - guarantee a higher resistance to torsion stress

Inclined foot plate - to facilitate the easy entry and release of the foot

Aerodynamic underside - designed to facilitate airflow

Ergonomic shape - for better safety in the event of a fall

Aerodynamic side - struts to facilitate airflow

Pure titanium sides - for the welfare of your horse

Enlarged side - for a superior surface for the foots lateral support

In addition the Lorenzini stirrups guarantee maximum strength, lightness and biocompatibility. The stirrups are designed to optimize performance as well as the riders stability and security. Exclusive features which add to the look are the elegant design and the wide range of colours you can chose from.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I really do love these stirrups - they are perfectly balanced and thus provide you with the perfect foundation for your position!

Beautiful with stability

You know theyre quality when you just see the package. These stirrups are my little luxury that I treated myself to after 5 years of dreaming to own them. The footbed gives reasurrance with the cheese grater grip. I noticed they have helped alot with getting my heels down. Lorenzinis are your best friend when youre jumping - youll never lose them.