Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken

€62.95 EUR
  • Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken


Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken

€62.95 EUR
€62.95 EUR

Loose Ring Snaffle, Double Broken - with Sweet Copper mouth

Benefits of Sweet Copper:

  • better acceptance
  • pleasent sweet taste
  • encourages chewing and salivation
  • solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron Aluminium, No Nickel) with very high strength (stronger than Argentan)

Benefits of Double Broken Bits:

  • no pressure on the palate
  • balanced weight distribution on tongue and jaw
  • horses can easily be ridden on the bit
  • no nutcracker effect
  • more forgiving to mistakes caused by strong hands or pulling on the reins

Benefits of the Loose Ring Snaffle:

  • the free sliding rings of the Loose Ring Snaffle enable the horse to adjust the position of the bit in their mouth. This tends to make the horse relax their jaw and chew on the bit, thus encouraging the horse to accept the bit
  • when the reins are collected the rings move so that the bit is automatically positioned correctly
  • young horses or inexperienced riders should always gain experience with a loose ring snaffle before trying a D-ring bit or other bits

Benefits of Steeltec bits:

  • no rough edges
  • long durability due to selected materials
  • a special processing technology ensures that the bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer