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Rubber Titanium Plate 5 cm Dressage Stirrups
Lorenzini Dressage Stirrups
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Rubber Titanium Plate 5 cm Dressage Stirrups

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Colour Mat Black

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Rubber Titanium Plate 5 cm Dressage Stirrups- designed in collaboration with top international dressage riders in Italy these incredibly elegant stirrups are designed to specifically further enhance the connection between the horse and rider. The titanium and solid aluminium stirrups offer innovative features with a patented design. The dressage stirrup has a slimmer style with a raised rubber foot tread compared with the jumping stirrup. The balanced weight of the riders foot ensures stability, balance and maximum feeling in the foot. The professional riders have been involved from the design to the final testing so you know that each feature has been optimised to create the perfect stirrup for dressage riders. Thanks to the input of these professional riders, Lorenzini have been able to produce a stirrup that allows excellent leg position, better contact with your horse, fantastic grip and all of that without compromising anything on an excellent look. 

Technical features:

  • Fantastic grip thanks to the titanium & rubber foot tread which also offers total support through the foot
  • Ergonomic shape for improved safety and comfort
  • Weight from the riders foot is distributed evenly over the entire surface area of the stirrup for maximum balance and stability
  • Uniquely balanced, with a slightly inclined titanium and rubber tread
  • Triangular shape to guarantee a higher resistance to torsion stress
  • Bio compatible, antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Made in Italy. 

Platform 5 cm deep, 15 cm long, 16 cm height. Weight 0,547 kg

Available in a large range of colours

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Nancy Hutson (DeLand, US)


dr Dorota Opyd (Katowice, PL)

great product

MARI (Kobe, JP)

It is miracle.