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Carbon Air Feel+ Competition EP Fetlock Boots

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Carbon Air Feel+ Competition EP Fetlock Boots -

100% made in Italy, these boots are perfect for horses that tend to hit their opposite pastern when jumping. The extra protection is an ergonomic extension made from neoprene with a padding coated in anti-wear, carbon look film. The boots have been extensively studied to assist jumping horses from collisions and bruises to the hind legs fetlock and part of the cannon, whilst still offering tendon support.

Composed of an external TPU structure with differentiated thickness, the boots are breathable thanks to the perforated neoprene and 6 air vents strategically placed for improved ventilation. Gel tech is included in the TPU structure and the neoprene is supported where necessary to work as a shock absorber and offer comfort to your horse.

Carbon fibre elements are also present under the shell to thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction, while increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts. On the external side, a flex zone has been created which allows your horse the freedom of movement required to perform.

A secure closure is guaranteed by Velcro straps, which are removable by a quick release system, and can easily be replaced when required. The dimensions and ergonomic shape of the boots have been developed by copying the limbs movement accurately to guarantee perfect positioning whilst avoiding any kind of stress.

Available in Black, Brown or White

Sizes: M - L - XL

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