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Swales with Comfort Bar, Thin

Swales with Comfort Bar, Thin

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Size 130
Hardness Soft
Shank Size Long

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Swales with Comfort Bar, Thin - this bit originates from the driving world. It is very unique in that it's the only Pelham that removes poll pressure. This is achieved as the cheeks are attached to the inner loose snaffle rings that float on the straight bar mouthpiece. The lack of poll pressure emphasizes the action of the curb chain exerting more pressure on the lower jaw lifting which results in lifting the horse in its movement. This bit is becoming more and more popular in the Show jumping world as it gives additional tongue pressure in proportion the the curb pressure.

This bit is a strong bit, that is very effective when used correctly and should only be used in the right hands. It should be ridden in double reined and is made more forgiving over the horses mouth when using the softer density options. 

Available in Soft or Hard with two choices of shank size.

Sizes: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm or 140mm