Therapeutic Gel Pad with Full Sheepskin

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  • Therapeutic Gel Pad with Full Sheepskin


Therapeutic Gel Pad with Full Sheepskin

€186.00 EUR

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€186.00 EUR

Therapeutic Gel Pad with Full Sheepskin - a fantastic gel pad from Acavallo with real sheepskin. The therapeutic gel helps absorb shock that is placed on the horses back through the saddle. Made in Italy this gel pad not only assists in saddle movement it also provides your horse with the added comfort they deserve.

The therapeutic shock absorption and non-slip of shaped gel pad with added softness of the full sheepskin on back side. The gel will stop any unwanted movement of the saddle both back & forth and side to side. A real asset if saddles rotate on the 'rounder' horses. The saddle is then cradled in a luxurious full sheepskin for the ultimate look.

Acavallo® sheepskin is a natural material. It does not cause allergies, is very soft and delicate, and perfectly suited to prevent chafing, abrasions and blisters. The pad is shaped and molded to the saddle with a slightly thinner depth of gel running down the center of the pad allowing the gel to sit up in the gullet rather than pushing down on the wither and spine. 

Acavallo gel features: 

- Encourage freedom of movement

- Stabilize the saddle

- Relieve pressure

- Absorb & distribute weight

- Non toxic

- Safe for use on skin

- Easy to wash

Acavallo® sheepskin features:

- 100% natural. Safe for use on skin

- Dense and Soft. Absorb shocks - breathes naturally, wicking away moisture

- Sheepskin is naturally thermostatic, thus keeping close to natural body temperature, regardless of the temperature outside.

Info & care -

1) use a stiff brush to remove hair and dirt

2) a vacuum cleaner removes loose hair and dirt 

3) rub the sheepskin with some softener and brush again 

4) put the pad in a washing net 

5) use a wool detergent and softener

6) wash at 30° (gentle cycle) 

7) knocking the pad to remove the extra water and brush again 

8) dry in a ventilated and dry place until the pad is completely dry (avoid direct sunny light) 

9) When the pad is dry brush for the last time

Gel Colour: Black, Brown or Transparent

Sheepskin Colour: Black, Brown, Natural or White

Sizes: M or L