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Our mission is our top priority

It is no secret that we want to deliver the best customer service in the equestrian online store industry and regardless of whether you need advice on an individual products or want to find out about the latest trends in equestrian sports. We are happy to help you with all your questions and want to ensure you get the right product for your needs. 

EquiZone Online is a webstore brought to you by equestrians who have gained lots of experience working in the equine sector, that are riders, horse owners and breeders just like you. Therefore, we can understand your needs and questions and answer those more easily. But who are the people behind EquiZone Online? 

Up Close and Personal

Team EquiZone Online: Kimi, Emily, Lukas (left to right) & El Bumble Boy

(photo: @horsesbykristin)


At EquiZone Online we work with rather low hierachies and short decision ways, however Lukas is the one who owns the final decision and is the boss and founder of EquiZone Online. 

Lukas, who is originally from Poland, has gained lots of experience by working at some of well-known riders all over Europe and knows a lot of proper grooming and care-taking as well as young horse training and education. Furthermore, his experience and knowledge in stable management, feeding management and field management comes in handy when you are not sure about supplements or any changes within the stable. 

Next to running the business on a daily basis, Lukas is also the one who packs and ships your packages, so if you ever ordered from us, the chance is almost 100% that Lukas was the one packing it. 


Emily & El Bumble Boy (photo: @horsesbykristin)

 Emily brings the sunshine to the office - literally. 
With her roots from sunny Australia, she brings up smiles everyday and that also for our customers. As the main contact person of customer service, Emily is most likely the first one to respond to your messages via Mail, Facebook and Instagram. She manages the stock, orders and is responsible for re-orders as well as pre-orders for upcoming seasons. 

Next to the office, Emily can be found in the saddle. Growing up with horses in Australia and then moving to Europe where she was riding for some of the best riders. Additionally, Emily was responsible for exporting horses at a well-known horse export business in Northern Germany. Nowadays, together with Lukas, Emily owns four horses and competes in show jumping up to M*-Level in Germany.

Kimi & Kyndra van de Vrombautshoeve Z (photo: @ingekempersfotografie)

The newest member of the office team is Kimi. After living and working in the Netherlands and Belgium for over five years, it was time to move back to good old Germany and start a new job at EquiZone Online. Since January 2021 Kimi is responsible for Social Media, inventory and all-round tasks that Emily and Lukas need support with. Furthermore, Kimi deals with sponsorships and our influencers as well as customer service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and BeNeLux. Kimi gained experiences during her Equine, Sports and Business studies as well as working for well-known riders and stud farms. 

Her freetime is well spent at the stables, together with her mare Kyndra. Together they compete up to youngster-M in Germany and plan on doing their first CSI* together later this year. 

Next to the office, we also have some great people supporting us from home - two amazing students help us with translating the website. 


Michelle grew up with horses and started riding when she was four years old and couldn't stop ever since. Over the years she tried many different riding styles from dressage to Icelandig, natural horsemanship and liberty. Also, she gained experience in horse training in America for equine assisted therapy. 

Nowadays Michelle studies Animal management in the Netherlands and wants to turn her passion into a career and she is happy to gain experience at EquiZone as we also thrive to help horse people all over the world and that is why she identifies a lot with our mission and vision.


Ann-Sophie also supports us with the translation of the website and of course, she also grew up with horses and was infected with the 'horse-virus' right away. Competing in different disciplins, Ann-Sophie knows what is going on in the equine world and also wants to make her hobby a profession. Like Michelle, she studies in the Netherlands and follows the same course as Kimi - Equine Sports and Business. With Ann-Sophie we are happy to have someone who also wants to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied, as well as good informed about our products. 


Adsche (photo: @kimixlehmann)

Adsche is our Barketing Manager and responsible for our feel-good management at the office. With daily cuddles and funny moments he brings even more joy to the office. 

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